Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh SNOW!!!!!

So, my Big Guy has to head in to work tonight. Actually, they're putting him up in a hotel around the corner so he can be there in the morning since the snow is supposed to be so bad but he's needed there.
In addition to making sure he has all the usual stuff packed (toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, etc) I made sure that he has the food that he needs to have with him. Luckily, most of his meals are prepped on Sunday when we do our bulk cooking for the week. All I needed to do was bag up his protein powders & creatine and put all this in our favorite (and sadly discontinued!!!) e-bags crew cooler.
In the bag is the following:
A.M. protein powder (2 scoops) + creatine
P.M. protein powder ( 1 scoop) + creatine
2 shaker bottle of milk to mix the shakes
Shredded wheat cereal
a mozzarella cheese stick
london broil & sweet potatoes with cinnamon & grass fed butter
grilled chicken breast
Knife, fork and 2 squares of 85% chocolate.

This is actually his normal day to day meal plan, not including dinner. (Except for the chocolate. You gotta have chocolate in an emergency, right? That's just there to show the love and make up for a small bit of the shoveling calories he's gonna burn off tomorrow!)

What have we learned here? If you plan ahead and follow through with making sure your needs are met you can face a minor change in plans, or a blizzard, with grace. If these meals weren't prepped ahead of time, we'd be running around here like crazy cooking and packing and I certainly wouldn't have time to do a blog post before he heads out the door!
So, think ahead and follow through. That's how great bodies are built!At last, a use for the giant Muscle Tech bag he got at Olympia!
(note: the Big Guy is NOT a paleo dude - please don't make remarks about the non-paleo foods he chooses to eat.)

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