Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In the quest to add new and exciting vegetables, I tried Yucca at a restaurant over the weekend. I loved it! I found some at my local veggie market and cooked it up (peel, cut in to chunks, boiled 25 minutes) Score! It's a nice replacement for white potatoes which I am trying to limit since I think they make my sore joints flare up.

We're still loving the tostones (plantains) and since we had a few plantains that got ripe, we made the "other" version called maduros. They were tasty but sweeter. I'd make them again if we had ripened plantains but maybe not as a dinner side dish.

Here's the video Yucca Man, by Love/Hate. They were my favorite band and were/are an all round swell bunch of guys. True rock n roll gentlemen. The drummer, Joey Gold, sigh....that boy made my heart go pitter pat in the 80's and early 90's.

Love/Hate Jizzy Pearl 1993 Long Beach, Ca Yucca Man

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