Wednesday, April 20, 2011

grumbling and not grumbling

Well, apparently Windy has a defective front tire that won't stay inflated. Grumble.

On the non-grumbling side of life, I scored some large plant pots for cheap and I loaded up on a bunch of herb plants to fill them up with. Rosemary, Mexican Tarragon, Oregano, Lavender, and a couple of others. I also picked up a bunch of Swiss Chard plants. I love the way it looks and I so want to like it, since it's so darn good for you. But...I think it tastes like...dirt. I can't stand it. Actually, I had it once in a restaurant, cooked with bacon and it was delicious. I've tried to recreate the recipe and it still tastes like dirt. With bacon.  I'll keep trying though.

Fingers are crossed that the townhouse association will give us permission to re-do the backyard again. We've spent a ton of money trying to get grass to grow back there but it fails every year. Not one house on our side of the court has grass, they've all put in decks so I'm pretty sure that grass just won't grow there. We want to make it more of a stony patio situation which will enable us to use it more and give the dogs more space. (The mud pit has been fenced off from them in a pathetic attempt to spare the grass) I had to resubmit the plans with some spiffy CAD drawings. Hopefully this will pass muster with them.

If they give the go ahead, then I can also install a pull up bar - I mean a trellis, disguised as a pull up bar. Which will mean I can start working on my pull ups and using my set of rings. Like this:

Power Clean and Ring Pushups - CrossFit Oldtown


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