Monday, April 18, 2011


Introducing my brand new bike. Her name is Windy.

I was really doubtful that I'd still be able to ride. You know, the old adage "it's just like riding a bicycle!" I was sure it wouldn't apply to me, because I am a unique snowflake. :-) Well, a few minutes of floundering around in the parking lot and I was zipping around the neighborhood like an old pro, like a little kid. What a blast. I loved the feeling of freedom and wind in my face. I loved the feeling of my body moving - not effortlessly, but rather with a nice, sustained effort.

I did also pick up a helmet, never used one of those when I was a kid and I wasn't happy that my Big Guy was so insistent that I get one. I was sure I'd look and feel like a dork. I got over that pretty fast - after all, I'd look and feel like a dork if I cracked my skull open.

I picked up a bike rack, which totally didn't fit this style of bike., It was enough to get Windy home from the store but it was a scary ride. Apparently you need an adapter to fit this type of bike on a standard rack. I have one on order so I can use the car rack so I take her for rides along the Henry Hudson Trail.

I also got a bell for Windy. Why? Just because.

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  1. I love your bike! I'm thinking about getting one this spring. My boys have taken to real bicycling with Boy Scouts, and I'd like to take them on trips of our own. Yours is very pretty.

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