Monday, April 25, 2011

L'Equip Dehydrator = epic FAIL.

I was planning on drying a bunch of crispy almonds and a batch of jerky
in my new L'Equip dehydrator....I soaked the nuts, I marinated 8 lbs of
thinly sliced beef....I loaded the dehydrator with nuts, plugged it in
and.....a few hours later the fan stopped working and part of the
machine melted! whoa!

Not cool. The scary thing is I usually run my dehydrators overnight. What if this thing had melted down while I was sleeping? Do I need to stand there watching it the whole time it's working? If I get a replacement, do I have to unplug the darn thing every time I leave the room to use the bathroom? I did a lot of research and this unit gets great reviews, I thought I was getting a good machine.

Now I've got a pile of soggy nuts and a bunch of marinated beef that needs to be dried pronto. I'll have to dig out my old dinosaur dehydrator and fire up my oven on low to get all of this done before it all spoils. I am pissed.

I hope the replacement that I ordered from Amazon works correctly but to be honest, I'm thinking of returning the replacement and getting something else because this experience left a really bad melted plastic taste in my mouth.

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